Tea-Bagger Update

For those who still can’t get the connection between the tea-baggers and those, like the Little Rock “race-mixing” protestors here, this woman makes the connection for you. It’s the language — “anti-christ socialism” “G*d says so”, etc. — and, as any linguist will tell you, the consonant thought processes that give rise to this familiar language.

I especially love the comment, “it’s only the politicians that make these issues political.” Because taxes are a – uh – religious, not a political issue, I guess.

And this was at a rally protesting Lindsey Graham, of all people, organized in part by “RINO (that’s “Republicans in Name Only” for the uninitiated) Hunt.” The sin that makes Graham a “socialist anti-christ” now? Voting to confirm Sonia Sotomayor. ‘Cause we all know Jeebus don’t speak no stinking Spanish.

It’s almost enough to make you sympathetic to Graham. But only almost enough. He played this crowd to his advantage throughout the 2008 campaign. So he reaps what he sows. Maybe if these lunatics continue to attack Republican elected officials more Repubs will grow some cojones and start calling them as they see them. A dangerous, armed, out-of-control rabble.

2 responses to “Tea-Bagger Update

  1. Such divisive language! People you disagree with have civil rights too!

  2. Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Scalia, Sotomayor: what do these justices have in common? They are all Catholic! Not a single Mormon, Buddhist or Fundamentalist on the Supreme Court. Stevens is the only Protestant on the court. Where is the Diversity?
    At least the Red Mass at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in DC will be well attended.

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