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“Tea-baggers”, Little Rock, AR, 1959

Library of Congress/U.S. News & World Repots, via Wikimedia

          No comment necessary. (Hat tip, Andrew Sullivan.)

Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town, by Nick Reding

Methland, by Nick Reding

Methland, by Nick Reding

Thornton Wilder was right all along.

Worth a read. 1 yeah.

The Kenyan Plot to Destroy America

I know, I know. I’m getting lazy. But hey, it’s a funny video, eh?

More seriously, I haven’t been able to form a rational and intellectual response to the debates about either health care, or the somewhat related “controversy” of the President’s speech to schoolchildren. The reactionary viewpoint — on full view at Fox, accepted by the mainstream Republican party, and accepted as “just another point of view” by the MSM (yes, NBC reporters, there is a difference between saying “the controversy over the President’s speech” and “the President’s controversial speech”) — is so jaw-droppingly disingenuous, ill-informed and dangerous, I find it hard to form a response other than anger.

“Keep the government’s hands off my Medicare!” “Only Kim-Jong Il makes speeches to schoolchildren.” The only thing I can think to say is what I now yell at motorists who yell or try to intimidate me while I’m riding my beloved bike (with compliments and apologies to Van Jones):

“Oh grow up, asshole.”

Something to think about over the long weekend

Wall Street, pharmaceutical and insurance company executives, should not decide who lives and who dies.

Part two here.

Brooklyn, by Colm Toibin

Brooklyn, by Colm Toibin

Brooklyn, by Colm Toibin

Understated and brilliant. Double Yeh’s!

Who do you know?

They should convene a panel for the next Meet the Press with Jenna Bush Hager, Luke Russert, Liz Cheney, Megan McCain and Jonah Goldberg, and they should have Chris Wallace moderate it.  They can all bash affirmative action and talk about how vitally important it is that the U.S. remain a Great Meritocracy because it’s really unfair for anything other than merit to determine position and employment.

Jenna Bush, assiduously studying for her future as NBCs national education consultant.

Jenna Bush, assiduously studying for her future as NBC's "national education consultant."

Got a famous parent? Get a job. Not that there’s anything new here, as I was punted aside at CBS News decades ago for some Kissinger filles. Still, when you’re looking for work, it’s gotta’ piss you off. I mean, Jenna’s “redeemed” herself and everything, but we need her as a national “expert” on education, literacy, and child welfare? I guess Pinochet’s kids’ English ain’t good enough.

Read the rest of Glenn Greenwald’s rant here.