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Hell Freezes Over

Another 2nd Amendment Absolutist Killed with Own Gun

Melanie Hains daughter caresses moms 9mm.
Melanie Hains’ daughter caresses mom’s 9mm.

A Pennsylvania mother who became famous for open carrying her 9mm to an elementary school soccer game — guess you never know when those refs need a little reminder, eh? — was shot to death by her husband, with one of her own guns, live on the Internet, this past Friday night. CNN’s coverage is here.

Revocation of Hains’ carry permit was controversial among other 2nd Amendment absolutists. The post at Dustin’s Gun Blog is typical:
I guess that Sheriff DeLeo just doesn’t like soccer moms to be armed for the defense of themselves or their children so he abused his authority in an illegal fashion. I hope she sues & wins enough to buy herself a case of her favorite lipstick & a couple of extra firearms of her own choosing paid for courtesy of the citizens who elected DeLeo. Perhaps in the next election they’ll choose more wisely.

Seems the sheriff found she might act in a “manner dangerous to the public safety.” Well, he doesn’t seem to have been far from the truth after all, eh?

Can’t figure out the difference between warehousing weapons to avoid “government tyranny” and total crazy carry-anywhere, anytime madness? Can’t rest until you can carry in national parks, bars, restaurants and college classrooms? Well, here’s a little glimpse of some 2nd Amendment happiness you too can enjoy on your next night out:

Does this stuff — and all the college and high school shootings, the guy who “shot the intruder, but the intruder was my wife,” this past weekend — make me reflexively and unapologetically call for systematic handgun control? You bet it does. And the reason you know I’ll have this response is: It’s the only response that makes any sense.