116th Street

Height of summer, and
the creative class is out
out walking their
children as they’d
walk their dogs.

Some have hired help.
Others not. Some
have grandparents. Or
at least they look
like grandparents.
But who’s to tell
in this day and
age of lively sperm
and wombs for rent?

The pigeons thought
I’d brought a snack.
This, too, is predictable.
To want, for anything,
for water, a notion
antique as the
nonexistent fountains.

One response to “116th Street

  1. mike in Connecticut

    Millions to live on Riverside drive, no secure street parking, no washer, no dryer. Noisy Neighbors. Obscenely high taxes, fees and penalties. Unplowed streets, garbage, six long blocks uphill from the subway….

    But I bet they all say there is nowhere else they’d rather live.

    I like Connecticut, Fairway is one traffic light away, Greenwich Avenue is 5 minutes away. Midtown Manhattan is 42 minutes away. Balducci’s ,Stew Leonard’s and Whole Foods are nearby. Church services offered in over 25 different languages. The local Library has an amazing DVD collection. My Mortgage is 530 dollars a month and I can walk to 2 beautiful beaches. My city typically makes the 25 safest cities in America list.

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