First Jewish President, Chapter 2

When Mike Bloomberg decided to run for a third term as New York City mayor, he derailed the mayoral ambitions of Rep. Anthony Wiener, Congressman from New York’s 9th District. Wiener, who was considered the leading candidate, seemed set on following the Ed Koch career path, and the zeitgesit pegged him as the leading Democratic candidate. Instead, he has reinvented himself as the most outspoken Congressional advocate for real health care reform and the public option.

Hat’s off to you Anthony! Keep up the good work!

If you too share my enthusiasm, why don’t you drop Rep. Wiener an email here.

2 responses to “First Jewish President, Chapter 2

  1. Pretty insensitive to say “all XXXX are YYYYY”

    What if someone said “All people with Blue eyes are thieves?”

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