My last boss…

“At the flower shop, which was a mom-and-pop operation as opposed to a massive multinational corporation, the harassment from the two bosses was awful. I was working with immigrants from Mexico and Honduras, and all of us were yelled at — all day. No breaks, no overtime, nothing. If they hadn’t fired me after two days, I doubt I could have survived much longer. It’s exhausting to have someone shouting at you all day and not being able to punch them in the face or at least talk some shit back. It also showed that sweatshops can be hidden in plain sight.”

Add in the psychotropic side effects of Chantix, and you’ve got a perfect description of my last boss.

From the excellent new book, Working in the Shadows: A Year of Doing the Jobs Americans Won’t Do (Nation Books), by Gabriel Thompson.

One response to “My last boss…

  1. Time to get creative Alan, create an Urban legend where a “perky” young intern shows up, steals everyone’s passphrases after placing keystroke loggers on everyone’s PC and laptop and cleans out their online banking and brokerage accounts.

    Intern dissapears leaving behind a list of other Craigs list Internships “victims” Might make a nice short story or teleplay for TV.

    Obama mis-pronounces Corpsman and Sarah Palin gets roasted for writing a few bullet points on her palm, Oabma cannot live without his teleprompter!


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