The Kenyan Plot to Destroy America

I know, I know. I’m getting lazy. But hey, it’s a funny video, eh?

More seriously, I haven’t been able to form a rational and intellectual response to the debates about either health care, or the somewhat related “controversy” of the President’s speech to schoolchildren. The reactionary viewpoint — on full view at Fox, accepted by the mainstream Republican party, and accepted as “just another point of view” by the MSM (yes, NBC reporters, there is a difference between saying “the controversy over the President’s speech” and “the President’s controversial speech”) — is so jaw-droppingly disingenuous, ill-informed and dangerous, I find it hard to form a response other than anger.

“Keep the government’s hands off my Medicare!” “Only Kim-Jong Il makes speeches to schoolchildren.” The only thing I can think to say is what I now yell at motorists who yell or try to intimidate me while I’m riding my beloved bike (with compliments and apologies to Van Jones):

“Oh grow up, asshole.”

One response to “The Kenyan Plot to Destroy America

  1. The Newspaper announced Barack Hussein Obama (Holy be his NAME) birth that day in Hawaii. Most likely the Birth Certificate says “Illegitimate” or the Father field is incorrect. These documents are filled in moments after birth and are not always accurate.

    John McCain was born in the Canal Zone. I’m calling ICE.

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