Daily Archives: September 10, 2009

The Kenyan Plot to Destroy America

I know, I know. I’m getting lazy. But hey, it’s a funny video, eh?

More seriously, I haven’t been able to form a rational and intellectual response to the debates about either health care, or the somewhat related “controversy” of the President’s speech to schoolchildren. The reactionary viewpoint — on full view at Fox, accepted by the mainstream Republican party, and accepted as “just another point of view” by the MSM (yes, NBC reporters, there is a difference between saying “the controversy over the President’s speech” and “the President’s controversial speech”) — is so jaw-droppingly disingenuous,┬áill-informed and dangerous, I find it hard to form a response other than anger.

“Keep the government’s hands off my Medicare!” “Only Kim-Jong Il makes speeches to schoolchildren.” The only thing I can think to say is what I now yell at motorists who yell or try to intimidate me while I’m riding my beloved bike (with compliments and apologies to Van Jones):

“Oh grow up, asshole.”