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The Wrecking Crew, by Thomas Frank

Acerbic history of our executiveoverlord state.

Required reading.

Against the Day, by Thomas Pynchon

Against the Day, by Thomas Pynchon
Against the Day, by Thomas Pynchon

Not. Finished. Yet. Review to follow.

In the Hamptons, by Dan Rattiner

In the (East) end, mostly gossip.


Yesterday’s Weather, by Anne Enright

Celtic Tigers personified; genitals, fek*bombs intact.

Compelling. Double Yeh’s!

The Great Mortality, by John Kelly

European antisemitism more dreadful than Plague.

Rating: Eh? (A bit repetitive too.)

Driftless, by David Rhodes

Interesting story. Overwritten.

Rating: 1 “yeh”.

Netherland, by Joseph O’Neill

Fabulous. Fully deserves every rave review.

Rating:┬ádouble “yeh!”s.