Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Annual Christmas Season Post

Well, there’s very little else to say…

Not abandoned.

Happy whatever, joyeaux, and a whoopdeedoo New Year y’all. No, we haven’t abandoned hope. Not quite yet. So, there might yet be something more and new to say this year.

Have to say, my feeling that the trend towards feeling that everyone’s talking and no-one’s listening has led to my relative silence. But what the h… If I don’t have something to say, no-one does.

In 2015 we’re looking forward to:

  • a continuing conversation about de-militarizing the American police, and returning some form of civil control to our routine days, including making sure that our First Amendment right to assembly is re-establised conclusively, including some overdue ridicule for the concept of “protest zones”;
  • a Presidential election not featuring Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee, nor Jeb Bush as the Republican nominee — John Hinkenlooper and Sheldon Whitehouse, Joe Biden (dude), I’m looking at you;
  • an overdue Florida vacation with my wife; and
  • Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Men!

That’s about it. Stay tuned as I prepare to finish my M.A. in English and American Literature.