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Le Main de Dieu Deux

Henry Thierry "shaping" his cross against Ireland in extra time.

Seriously, I love Henry Thierry, but we was robbed! (How I get to use the royal “we” in relation to Irish world cup football is a long story and a matter for another time.) I don’t know why, but the press has so far resisted the urge to refer to this miscarriage of justice as “Le Main de Dieu Deux,” (see the story of the original “Main de Dieu” here, or for those who don’t read French, here), but the pun seems irresistible to me.

Hey FIFA! Rematch now! (You louts!)

A Guest Blog from my Brother-in-Law

Foley-Butler FamilyHello all and an exciting day for the Foley’s in Bellerose. Shane Edward Foley born on this day November 7, 2009 weighing 8 pounds and 2 ounces and measuring 20 inches long. He came a few days after he was due but fairly quickly when the time came, or as I like to say not on time but never late. Both mother and son are doing great and getting some much needed sleep right now. I am including a link to some photos I took just after he was born and then after lunch when he met his two big sisters Julianne and Emma. I don’t think there have ever been two more proud sisters, even if Emma did kind of want a sister, but as she said at least it wasn’t a puppy(which I kept joking it might be).

I am also going to try to get some rest and will be adding more photos to the link over the next few days

[link on request]

Love to all and hope to see you soon

Steven, Colette Julianne, Emma and Shane

Take the Day off from Angst – Get to know Pompaloose

They way they make the multi-tracking explicit in their videos is brilliant. You will not regret checking out their YouTube channel:

Okay, at last

Well. Finally taking the blog plunge.

It seemed like a good idea during the 2004 campaign. It seemed like a good idea during the 2008 campaign. It seemed like a good idea every time I was in the market for a new client.

Okay. Better late than never.

I hope this blog will amuse those who come here for amusement, and inform those who come here for information. It’s my intention to deploy my wit and talent for the well-turned phrase to attract readers, and entice those few who need professional editorial services to purchase them from me.

Wish me luck. And here’s looking at you.