Sure enough…

I’ve been sick. And exhausted from school and work. And not much in the mood to express myself.

Life and the school year proceed, however. The challenge of finding a way to make a real contribution to the public school where I’m teaching once a week never fails to fascinate, frustrate and inspire simultaneously. It seems simple enough in the particulars, in the individual case; but scaled up to the size of a whole school, and a whole school system the size of New York City’s, it can seem insurmountable.

RIP Smokin’ Joe Frazier. (And Rick Perry and Herman Cain?) Can anything be done about NCAA men’s football and basketball, programs that have done more than their fair share of damage to the broader American educational system? (Meanwhile: Go Ducks!) When is the press going to start talking about the surprising strength of President Obama’s re-election campaign (you don’t get Republican fields as weak as this year’s unless someone’s afraid of something — like losing big-time), instead of the standard narrative of all its obstacles and weaknesses? Would Herman Cain or Newt Gingrich lose to President Obama by McGovern-like margins, and what would that do to the Republican Party in the coming decades?

Finals coming. Papers due. Client late work. Italian exam today. The dog ate my homework. The train was late. My wife’s not feeling well. We have company coming for Thanksgiving.

Life is not a multiple choice exam, it just sometimes feels that way.

Peace. Later.

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