The New “Arab Street”?

Although history is full of unintended consequences, I think we should give thanks that the “Arab Street” has finally turned its wrath on their real oppressors, the autocratic, quasi-monarchical and religio-demagogic oligarchs and dictators who rule their own countries.

Let’s just hope that the United States doesn’t reflexively come out in support of these reprehensible Middle Eatern regimes, as we have more often than not in the past, merely in the name of “stability.”

2 responses to “The New “Arab Street”?

  1. Just wait, the Muslim radicals and the Muslim Brotherhood are more organized and will strike when ready.

  2. Maybe. And the TV “business” reporters are arguing that we should be wary of “democracy” in the Middle East because it will cause oil prices to rise. But, as the de facto sponsor of the existing regimes, the United States won’t be free from the fear of “Middle Eastern” terrorism until Arabs and Persians and Kurds enjoy some real measure of real political f reedom. So when’s a good time?

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