Why is the U.S. Just Like North Korea?

Because we prefer to starve a significant part of our population while we continue to build unnecessary weapons, and maintain a more-than-likely useless traditional military capability, in the continuing delusion of controlling part, or all, of the world by force.

Republicans, especially, would rather build more bombs than extend unemployment insurance. Well, after all, the big money’s to be made in military contracts; those social programs don’t do squat for our loyal Republican entrepreneurs.

Democrats are certainly not without blame, too. But the mad Republican recalcitrance over ratifying new START is beyond the pale.

If Mitch McConnel needs a new windbreaker, I think this style would rather suit him.

2 responses to “Why is the U.S. Just Like North Korea?

  1. mike in Connecticut

    actually we are more like DPRK because both countries are printing too many US Dollars.

    To declare an American Political Party wants to starve it’s citizens to death is beyond immoral. It is an obscenity that should not be tolerated.

  2. When money for guns, two wars and tax cuts is sacred, but money for health care, food stamps, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare is not only too scarce to afford, but “unconstitutional” to boot, you can pretty it up however you want, but the end result is the same. Someone is not just going to suffer, but die.

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