Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court, 2010-????.

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5 responses to “WILLIAM JEFFERSON Clinton

  1. No. fricking. way. I LOVE it. Can it really happen? Really?

  2. Yeah wasn’t he guilty of perjury, I am pretty sure you cant be a top judge if you at some point lied in court

    • Yes. But his “trial” for perjury was held before Congress, not in a court, and I don’t know that this would have the same impact. At the same time, I don’t think there’s any “rule” barring his nomination, but Monica-gate would certainly make it more difficult. It’s all kind of pie in the sky anyway. Obama’s going to nominate some female judge pretty much nobody’s ever heard of, because that’s how it works these days.

  3. SoSo better watch out!

  4. BJ Clinton was Impeached but not convicted. He also surrendered his law license. Hillary is a better choice, especially if the first candidate has a Viking Funeral.

    Several Heart procedures will rule him out by the Dems, they want a lifer.

    My Prediction: a Gay Asian AG or legal eagle.

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