Daily Archives: March 17, 2010

The Obligatory Blog Apology

Suddenly working again. Trains to catch. Cups to pee in. And a root canal, just in case one had any pretense of newly discovering the joys of “free time” as opposed to unemployment. Plus, I’ve got to say, paraphrasing the President, that everything that’s going to be said about the health care debate has been said. And politically, nothing else really matters until the final vote comes down on health care. Nothing more to say on the issue of the day. Sure, 11 Republicans voting for this week’s jobs bill is news, but it barely breaks through to a Congress and a nation obsessed with single-issue (if not single-payer).

Trusting that Glenn Beck and Rash Limbaugh will continue impugning 11-year-olds and equating “social justice” to Nazism, I’m sure I’ll have no shortage of rants and ruminations I’ll feel obligated to share.

In the meantime, there’s a great short essay on German capitalism, German democracy, and the vital role of its workers’ councils (put in place by Truman and Eisenhower), in the April issue of Harper’s, that should be required reading. (Unfortunately, available online only to subscribers.) For all its so-called socialism, Germany is a larger exporter than China, has a much higher standard of living than the United States, all while mandating that actual workers hold as many as 33% of the seats on the Board of Directors of all its major corporations. Something for all the Friedman acolytes to ponder, this dark night of the American economic soul.

More soon. Really. Soon.