First Swedish Professional UCI cycling team — powered by coffee, what else?


Magnus “Maggie” Backstesdt is my personal professional cycling hero. Please follow the links to his website, and order some fair trade coffee. Be the first American to support Sweden’s one-man cycling heritage!

Congratulations a better life is just a click away! 12oz Bag

‘Magnus Maximus’ is Maggys own creation! He spent weeks perfecting the perfect blend and then weeks without sleep while the effects wore off!

The Coffee is smooth, not bitter and has a crazy caffeine kick.

However you choose to drink it, espresso, latte, cappuccino, we have created what we think is one of the nicest tasting coffees around.

The money from our coffee will go directly into our team. Whether it is to buy equipment or pay wages you can sit back and drink a cup of ‘Magnus Maximus’ knowing that the young riders in our team are being supported by you.

$12.50 ($4.95 Shipping Added Automatically)

How do you prepare it?

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