Daily Archives: November 20, 2009

The Funniest Cycling Video Ever

One of these guys is my hero. Can you guess which one?

More delightful cycling blogging from fellow WordPresser “Ritte Van Vlaanderen” here.

Le Main de Dieu Deux

Henry Thierry "shaping" his cross against Ireland in extra time.

Seriously, I love Henry Thierry, but we was robbed! (How I get to use the royal “we” in relation to Irish world cup football is a long story and a matter for another time.) I don’t know why, but the press has so far resisted the urge to refer to this miscarriage of justice as “Le Main de Dieu Deux,” (see the story of the original “Main de Dieu” here, or for those who don’t read French, here), but the pun seems irresistible to me.

Hey FIFA! Rematch now! (You louts!)