Daily Archives: April 9, 2009

Going Orange

Batavus commuter, courtesy http://commutebybike.com

Batavus commuter, courtesy http://commutebybike.com

Two hundred orange-painted commuter bikes, by Dutch manufacturer Batavus are on their way to Manhattan (née, “New Amsterdam”) this spring, as part of the celebration of NYC 400, the anniversary of Henry Hudson’s arrival in the New World.

Look for them in a procession up Manhattan’s West Side bike path on April 30, and to be available for bike sharing this summer as part of City Streets, the program that closes Park Avenue to vehicular traffic on three Saturdays in August.

Modern New York, I suppose, has no shortage of old master paintings and clogs, but we’ve run a little behind in the bike commuter department over the years. So this will make a welcome invasion. I only can’t help but wonder – hey, what about a little something for us here in Yonkers, who proudly bear our Dutch identity into a fifth century of “graceful riverside living”?