Sometimes you just gotta’ ride your bike

More bad news on the home economics front. The New York economy isn’t in harmony yet with the good vibes emanating from D.C. With one exception (thank you french institute alliance francaise for your gracious and timely response) employment prospects don’t bother acknowledging receipt of resumes and other job application materials. Taxes are due soon, we have no idea where our property survey is and the appraiser is coming Thursday.

But, you know, it’s Friday, 65 degrees and sunny. Sometimes bad news just has to wait.



One response to “Sometimes you just gotta’ ride your bike

  1. Nice post. Thanks for the pingback.

    For people who haven’t read my pinged post, “Saying ‘No,'” just an FYI that there are recruiters and other HR professionals out there who take the time to acknowledge receipt but also to give you feedback! That’s what I’m expected to do and I think it’s worth it! =)

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